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Let us make history and change the broken political system.

After helplessly watching the corrupt politicians and corporations harming our great country for a long time, we decided to confront the situation head on. We will support the good ones while exposing the bad ones.

American poor are getting poorer, middle class is shrinking, national debt is exploding, political discourse has hit a new low, American strength and reputation is suffering because of these political and corporate thugs who are busy shamelessly ripping off America and American people. These crooks think they own this country and can do whatever they want. We have news for them.

No more! American people will not let you sell American soul for your petty ego, selfishness, and profits. No single individual is bigger than the country. Politicians are our servants (even the Presidents), not Masters.

Let us support the leaders who truly want to serve America.

It’s not going to be easy!

These powerful interests will try to stop us but we will peacefully push back with people power.

Contribute to help fight for America and American dream!